Grange Clubs

All children are encouraged to join at least one club.  Clubs take place after school.  Clubs change three times a year.  If you have further questions regarding clubs please do not hesitate to contact school.  During the autumn term all clubs finish at 4:15pm.  Children can be collected from the hall at this time.


Every Tuesday after school Miss Hoskins and Miss Prosser run a netball club.  Why not come along and improve your fitness!  Netball is open to all children in Y4, Y5 and Y6.


Every Tuesday after school Mr Hall will be running this club that is open to all children in Y4 to Y6.  Come along ... you could be the next Tiger Woods!


Mrs Anderson will be running this popular club on Tuesdays.  This club is for Y4 to Y6.  Come along and join in the fun!

Cross Country

Mrs Ralley runs this club.  It is for everyone in Y2 to Y6.  Come along, get fit and have fun.

Circle Games

A new club for the autumn term.  Every Tuesday Mrs Mac will be running this fun new club.  This club is for children in Y1.  Come along and learn some new games.


Mr Gani runs this popular club every Thursday with the assistance of Mr M.  It is open to Y5 and Y6 children, so why not come along, get fit and have fun with your friends.


This club is for Y1 and Y2.  Join Mrs Wood every Thursday to have fun and make some amazing objects. 

Junior Wardens

Mrs James runs this very popular Y6 club with Gloucester Housing and the police every Thursday.

Country Dancing

Come and join Mrs Ramsey every Thursday for country dancing.  This club is open to Y3 to Y6. This club is for all abilities, so come along whether you are a novice or an expert!  Mrs Ramsey intends to enter a team in a country dancing competition.  

Manga High

Thursday night is maths night with Miss Edwards.  All children from Year 3 to Year 6 are welcome to come along and enjoy a variety of maths challenges.


Thursday night is art night with Miss Jenkins and Miss Lloyd.  This club is open to Y1 and Y2.  Come along, have some fun and learn some new skills.

Ultimate Frisbee

Mrs Dare and Mrs Crolly will be running this new club every Thursday.  It is open to Y4 to Y6.  If you are interested in learning how to throw a frisbee accurately...then come along.