Thank You

Here at Grange Primary we are proud of our school.  We value all feedback.  If you have any contact with our school and wish to let us know about you experience we will be only too glad to hear from you.  Below are some of the communications we have received.

24 Challenge

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the 24 challenge yesterday, in nearly 20 years of teaching the maths skills of those children is one of the most amazing things I have seen!  Again, you have fired me up with enthusiasm and inspiration for maths.  I am now working on upping our 24 skills across the school to attempt to give Grange and Hillview a run for their money next year.
Once again thanks for an amazing, inspirational session.
Matt Bunce (Kingsholm).
I just wanted to say what a wonderful first impression I was given today. I came in for a show round as I'm hoping my son will attend this school come September. We've recently moved into the area and I have looked at another school also.
I immediately got a great feeling driving into the school grounds and upon meeting the head all my fears have been squashed.
I really hope I can choose your school when I am able to appeal come April. Id feel very happy and safe knowing my son would be attending Grange.
Good Job.
Kindest regards
Mrs Holly Masterson ( Prospective parent)
Gecko Maths

Hi Paul – many thanks for your workshop today.


Thought you’d appreciate feedback from delegates as recorded within the ‘most useful aspects of today’s event’ part of evaluations:


Majority of colleagues referenced the quality of your session specifically ...

 ‘The practical support for tricky maths – GECKO.’

 ‘GECKO maths was brilliant!’

‘Revisiting GECKO maths and understanding how it could fit with our school.’

‘GECKO – problem solving support excellent.’

‘GECKO maths – a very exciting and inspiring session.’

‘GECKO – the different problem solving strategies.’

‘GECKO maths – inspirational!’


Tim Foster

School Intervention Adviser


Maths Support

Dear Mr Beech,

I am writing to thank you for inviting eight Nailsworth pupils to take part in GECKO maths and watch your class do 24.  All year 6 Grange pupils were very kind and made sure we were having fun.

Firstly, I enjoyed learning new techniques to improve my maths and trying different level maths chalenges.  Also, explaining my maths to Grange pupils helped especially for some SAT's questions.

Overall, your class were very supportive and helped at all times when needed.  Watching, 24 and doing it was also fun trying to work out the answer faster than your class.

Finally, I would like to thank you once more for an enjoyable morning.  I hope to start GECKO maths at our school in the future.  I think all year 6 pupils will find it useful.

Yours sincerely,


*Letter from a pupil at Nailsworth Primary School after a visit to Grange.

Outdoor Learning

Hi Chris & Julie
Thank you both so much for yesterday! The children loved exploring and trying out new activities they haven't done before. All the way back to school I had "Emily can you take us back again next week". I know it was very beneficial for them and I 100% think it would be something the school would look into purchasing more regular sessions in the future (once prices were confirmed from your Head).
I am going to propose this idea to the Head of Milestones, alongside the photos of yesterdays session, however I know she will want to see that it would be beneficial for other classes as well in order for it to be a possibility for the future. I was wondering if we could set up another session this term (if possible) for a different class in order to gain another teachers perspective on the session to back up my views when we propose this idea to the Head.
Hopefully this is possible.
If you would like to visit the school please feel free to get in touch anytime.
Thank you again.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Emily Morse


KS2 Moderation Meeting

Hi Beth – I hope the new term has started well.
I thought you’d like to know that Matthew and Kathryn contributed very positively to yesterday’s KS2 assessment and moderation meeting.  Throughout the morning, they made thoughtful and perceptive comments during whole group/table discussions re TA for writing.  Also, the extensive samples of writing they brought informed discussions with colleagues on their table.
Best wishes,
Tim Foster
Education Adviser
Outdoor Learning
Hi Tracey,
I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had with Chris and your EYFS children yesterday morning in your fantastic Outdoor Learning/Forest School area. I was so impressed by the skills and mature attitude of the children and by their imaginative play. What great opportunities they are being given in such a rich learning environment. They are very lucky to have such a wonderful resource and an inspirational teacher like Chris.
I would be grateful if you could pass this onto Mrs Williams.
Once again, many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to organise this for me.
Best wishes,
Elmbridge School